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Backgammon sets for beginners, experts and professionals.
Below are a few pictures of some of the backgammon sets we sell.

All backgammon boards are of the highest quality, and if looked after properly a backgammon board should provide years of use.

All backgammon sets come complete with 30 checkers, 2 cups, 4 dice and doubling cube, rules are not included.
Beware when you compare our boards with those sold by others. Read more about this at the bottom of this page, click here .

Picture of Pennant Golden Whisper Backgammon Sets available at Backgammon Shop 

Pennant Golden Whisper leather backgammon sets.
Handmade backgammon set, made from the finest products from Europe.
Unsurpassable quality and design - the professional choice.
Choose from 6 colours - 120 colour permutations possible.

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Picture of AmazonXXL Table Backgammon Set available at Backgammon Shop

AmazonXXL Table Backgammon Set.
The Amazon Table has Folding legs for easy storage.
The Amazon is a specially designed, elegant tournament-size backgammon set.

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Beware when you compare our boards with those sold elsewhere. The models Pennant Regular, Pennant Customised, Amazon and Carlsberg all have 'printed points'. Do not confuse our backgammon sets with those sold elsewhere, which typically have sewn points, inferior handles and locks, poor descriptions, small pictures and prices that are ALWAYS considerably higher.

Q. What is the advantage of printed points?
A. Backgammon Shop has developed the unique process of printing the points directly onto the *velour playing surface to provide the highest levels of quality for most of our low and medium priced boards. This ensures the perfect playing pleasure, which was until recently only obtainable with handmade (high priced) boards, where attention to detail, quality and come first.
Printed points ensure a completely flat playing surface, this means that you no longer will catch your fingernail on or under a badly sewn point, no more skewed or cocked dice, no more unsightly broken or loose points or missing tips, gone are the days when small inquisitive kiddies fingers want to find out what is under the plastic point.
The attention to quality does not stop with printed points! All these boards have hand moulded attaché briefcase handles (not to be confused with many similar priced boards with the flimsy 'strap' handles), solid brass ball bearing locks, and solid brass hinges.
If you still want a model with sewn points, a 'strap' handle, plated alloy locks and hinges, take a look at our 'Standard' (18 inch) model - one-size, one colour, and one very cheap price that really puts our competitors prices to shame. Now you know the difference, you should do yourself a favour a feel the quality!

*Definition of velour. Various types of closely shaved (napped) fabric; velvet-like fabrics used chiefly for clothing and upholstery.

The size of the board. We refer to its size when open. So in the case of the 'Amazon' models make sure you have a large enough table to put it on.

When comparing our prices remember, that our company is based in the UK (part of the European Union - "the inner market"), all customs and import duties are fully paid, and VAT (value added tax/sales tax) is included in our £, € and DKK prices. The only additional cost is shipping (read about shipping costs here , opens in a new window). We of course sell to the "Global Backgammon Community", and as such the first price we show is in US$, this is our export price, this price is only for orders sent to a country outside of Europe and the European Union (EU).
When is a bargain price not a bargain? The total cost may not be everything it seems. If you are in the European Union and buy something from regions outside the EU (like North America or the Far East), you will have to pay higher shipping cost, adding considerably to the price.
Then, when your order arrives in your EU country, it will be treated as an import. You may have to pay import duty (rates vary from item to item), BUT you will have to pay VAT on top of the price you have paid, so add another 15 - 25% to what you have paid (yes, 25% if you live in Denmark or Sweden).
The carrier (shipping company, courier or postal service) will pay both import duties and VAT on your behalf, BUT they will require the payment from you before they deliver. You can refuse delivery, but you will lose your payment (or at least shipping costs both ways) and may end up with legal action from the carrier who will want to reclaim any duties, VAT and any costs they may have had. So the bottom line is check what the additional costs are (shipping, import duty and VAT), these could add as much as 50% to the final buying price. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is!

All our backgammon equipment, boards, sets, tables, dice, books, software and any products relating to the backgammon game are guaranteed against faults in production. In fact all our products will be replaced free of charge (this includes return shipping) with any production fault.

When did you last give someone a present?
Take advantage of our fixed 'flat-rate' economy worldwide shipping - it makes good sense to buy more!


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