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I would like to pay with a personal check. Allow up to 7 working days waiting for clearance of personal check after receipt.
You will be contacted by email, with the amount payable in your local currency.
For checks drawn on UK or US banks, a 2% charge will be added to the total to cover banking charges.
For a personal foreign cheque a 10 check charge (or currency equivalent) plus a further 2% will be added to the total to cover banking charges.

  OR with cash, cashiers check/cheque, bank draft, etc
Send me my order when you receive my payment.
If you are paying from countries other than the United Kingdom and wish to pay in your local currency, please use the "comments box" (see below), and write: "Please send me an email quote" (you must state the name of the currency you wish to use and your method of payment - cash, cashiers check, etc.).
You will be contacted by email, with the amount to be paid in your local currency.
Cash payments are charged a 2% handling charge. Payments in are exempt of charges.
Check payments are subject to a handling charge of 10 (excluding cashiers checks from UK or US banks), a further 2% are added to the total for handling charges on all check transactions.

  OR by Western Union
I would like to pay by Western Union (payments are calculated in (GBP) and must be paid in 's).
You will be contacted by email, with the amount to be paid in 's.

  United Kingdom Flag OR by Postal Order in 's, ONLY available on the UK.
I would like to pay by Postal Order.
You will be contacted by email, with the amount to be paid in 's, and
are charged a 2% handling fee.


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