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Amongst the backgammon accessories you will find under MISC (this is the miscellaneous category) are:
backgammon checkers, backgammon chips, backgammon counters, backgammon parts, backgammon pieces, backgammon playing pieces, backgammon stones, backgammon tiles, backgammon tokens, backgammon cups, backgammon shakers, backgammon bags, backgammon pouches, backgammon chouette pads, backgammon position cards, backgammon scoreboards, backgammon scorecards, backgammon streamers, backgammon posters, brass locks, handles.

Backgammon accessories from Backgammon Shop - www.bgshop.com

Maybe you thought you had everything you needed for Backgammon. Look at these items, who knows maybe there is something you do not have. Do you have to buy a gift, maybe you can find it here?

We also have a wide selection of checkers in many sizes, in materials such as acrylic, urea, plastic and wood. These are ideal as spares or replacements for many board games, including Backgammon, Draughts, International Draughts, Checkers, Polish draughts.

Now we have also added a limited selection of other indoor games. Perhaps you will find something here for the backgammon player who has everything? Poker chips, 100% plastic playing cards, multi games sets and domino to name but a few.

Our backgammon sets, backgammon boards, precision dice, backgammon books, backgammon software, backgammon cups and all other game or gaming items are guaranteed against faults in production. Any product with a production fault will be replaced free of charge.

Indoor games and accessories from Backgammon Shop - www.bgshop.com

Considering making your own backgammon set?
OR how to choose a backgammon set?

When asking the questions - how to make a backgammon table - how to make a backgammon set - building a backgammon board or making a backgammon table, the first consideration should always be the size of the checkers required and where can they be bought. Once building the board has started it is usually to late or very difficult to alter things if the size of checker required is not available. Checkers should fit snugly into the checker compartments and should fit the playing surface without large gaps between the checkers.
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Choosing the best colour of checkers for your game.
Click here Click here to view checker chart for backgammon checkers to read our advice (it is at the bottom of the next page that appears).


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