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Backgammon sets for beginners, experts and professionals.

Special Offer for a limited period
Ultra XL Tournament Backgammon Set £88.99 - click here

UK - £88.99 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)
UK Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland - £99.99 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)
EU and Europe -  €137 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)
North America - $169 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)
Japan, Australia and NZ -  $189 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)
South America - $219 includes courier shipping (3-5 working days)

The above special offer include free shipping of any other items purchased at the same time.

All our backgammon boards are of the highest quality, and if looked after properly a backgammon board should provide years of use.

All backgammon sets come complete with 30 checkers, 2 cups, 4 dice and doubling cube. CD sets only have 30 checkers and 2 dice.

Q. What is the advantage of inlaid points?
A. Backgammon Shop has several ranges of backgammon sets with inlaid points, the Ultra's, the Pennant's, the FTH's and wooden sets. Inlaid points provide the ultimate "level playing field" - some people say that they are "as smooth as a baby's b*****". One thing is for certain, once you have discovered just how nice the are to play on, nothing else will ever do - go on "get hooked", either on Velveteen, Felt, Leather or Wood.

Beware when you compare our backgammon boards with those sold by others.  
The Amazon range (Table or Table-Top models) have 'printed points'. Do not confuse these backgammon sets with printed points, with those sold on other websites, which typically have sewn points (as do our standard Economy models). Boards with sewn points have lower quality handles and locks. Most websites that sell the standard boards have poor descriptions (or none), small pictures and prices that are ALWAYS considerably higher than our "Price Beater" Economy models.

What is the advantage of printed points?
A. Backgammon Shop has developed the unique process of printing the points directly onto the *velour playing surface to provide the highest levels of quality for most of our low and medium priced boards. This ensures the perfect playing pleasure, which was until recently only obtainable with handmade (high priced) boards, where attention to detail, quality and come first.
Printed points ensure a completely flat playing surface, this means that you no longer will catch your fingernail on or under a badly sewn point, no more skewed or cocked dice, no more unsightly broken or loose points or missing tips, gone are the days when small inquisitive kiddies fingers want to find out what is under the plastic point.
The attention to quality does not stop with printed points! All these boards have hand moulded attaché briefcase handles (not to be confused with many similar priced boards with the flimsy 'strap' handles), solid brass ball bearing locks, and solid brass hinges.

The traditional backgammon set.
If you prefer a backgammon board with sewn points, a 'strap' handle, plated alloy locks and hinges, take a look at our 'Economy' models - available in three sizes:
18" Large backgammon set - 18 inch or 46 cm.
15" Medium backgammon set - 15 inch or 37 cm.
11" Small backgammon set - 11 inch or 28 cm.
Complete with 30 backgammon checkers, 2 oval backgammon cups, 4 dice, 1 doubling cube AND one very cheap backgammon price that really puts our competitors prices to shame. Now you know the difference, you should do yourself a favour a feel the quality!

*Definition of velour/velveteen. Various types of closely shaved (napped) fabric; velvet-like fabrics used chiefly for clothing and upholstery.

The size of the board. We refer to its size when open. So in the case of the 'Amazon' models make sure you have a large enough table to put it on - these are Extra Large Backgammon Sets.

All our backgammon equipment, boards, sets, tables, dice, books, software and any products relating to the backgammon game are guaranteed against faults in production. In fact all our products will be replaced free of charge (this includes return shipping) with any production fault.

When did you last give someone a present?
A backgammon set makes a great present.

Thinking of making your own backgammon set?
When asking the questions - how to make a backgammon table - how to make a backgammon set - making a backgammon board or making a backgammon table, the first consideration should always be what size checkers are required and where can they be bought. Once building the board has started it is usually to late or very difficult to alter things if the size of checker required is not available. Checkers should fit snugly into the checker compartments and should fit the playing surface without large gaps between the checkers.
Click here Click here to view checker chart for backgammon checkers to view checker chart (it is at the bottom of the next page that appears).


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