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Listed alphabetically by authors first name. Collectors books are at the end of this section.
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By Bill Robertie
Backgammon For Winners Intermediate
Backgammon For Serious Players Intermediate - advanced
Learning From The Machine Advanced - expert
501 Essential Backgammon Problems Intermediate - advanced
Modern Backgammon Advanced - expert

By Bill Robertie & Kent Goulding - Magazine
Inside Backgammon

All levels

By Bob Wachtel
In The Game Until The End Advanced - expert

By Chris Bray
An Independent View Intermediate - expert
What Colour is the Wind? Intermediate - expert
Second Wind Intermediate - expert
Wind Assisted Intermediate - expert
The Wind of Change Intermediate - expert
Backgammon in the Wind Intermediate - expert
Backgammon - The Final Wind Intermediate - expert

By Danish Backgammon Publishers
Når Backgammon Er Sjovest (Danish) Intermediate
Top Matches, Vol. 1 Intermediate - advanced

By Danny Kleinmann - The World's leading theoretician
Vision Laughs at Counting Advanced - expert
Wonderful World of Backgammon Advanced - expert
Meanwhile, back at the Chouette Advanced - expert
Double-Sixes from the Bar Advanced - expert
How Can I Keep From Dancing? Advanced - expert
Is there a Life after Backgammon? Advanced - expert
The Dice Conquer All Advanced - expert
How Little We Know About Backgammon Advanced - expert
The Other Side Of Midnight Advanced - expert
....But Only Hogs Win Backgammons Advanced - expert
A Backgammon Book For Gabriel Advanced - expert
Long Road To Gammon Advanced - expert

By Enno Heyken and Martin B. Fischer
The Backgammon Handbook Beginner - Intermediate

By Erik Gravgaard & Chris E. Ternel
De Officielle Regler og Vejledning (Danish) Beginner

By Jake Jacobs
Can A Fish Taste Twice As Good Advanced - expert
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Four-Point Advanced - expert

By Jeremy Paul Bagai
Classic Backgammon Revisited Advanced - expert

By Jon Tremaine
The Amazing Book of Backgammon Beginner

By Kit Woolsey
How To Play Tournament Backgammon Intermediate - expert
Sylvester vs. Ballard Advanced - expert
Michael Greiner vs. Phillip Marmorstein Advanced - expert
Mika Lidov vs. Hal Heinrich Advanced - expert
Backgammon: Masters vs. Amateur vol. 1 Advanced - expert
The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 2. More Cube Reference Positions Advanced - expert
By Kit Woolsey & Hal Heinrich
New Ideas in BG Advanced - expert
By Kit Woolsey & Tami Jones
Understanding Backgammon Intermediate - expert

By Mary Hickey and Marty Storer
What's Your Game Plan? - autographed copy by Mary Hickey Advanced - expert

By Michael Crane
Teach Yourself Backgammon Beginner

By Michihito Kageyama and Roland Herrera
Opening Concepts (Backgammon Odyssey Series 1) - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Beginner/Intermediate - Advanced
Endgame Technique  (Backgammon Odyssey Series 1) - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Beginner/Intermediate - Advanced

By Mike Corbett
Backgammon Problems Advanced - expert

By Norm Wiggins and Edited by Danny Kleinmann
Boards, Blots, and Double Shots Advanced - expert

By Ongun Alsac and Güray Alsac
Playing Doublets: Backgammon Puzzles to Improve Your Checker Play Intermediate - expert

By Paul Magriel
Backgammon "The Bible" Beginner - expert

By Peter Bell
Winning with the Doubling Cube Intermediate - expert

By Raymond Kershaw
Backgammon Funfair All Levels

By Ryuichi Shina
Backgammon Cube Action 1000 - Volume 1: Opening and Middle Game Beginner - expert
Backgammon Cube Action 1000 - Volume 2: Late Middle Game Beginner - expert
Backgammon Cube Action 1000 - Volume 3: Endgame Beginner - expert
Backgammon Cube Action 1000 - THREE VOLUME SET - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Beginner - expert

By Walter Trice
Backgammon Boot Camp Intermediate - expert

Collectors books
(all books are used unless other is stated).
Backgammon "the Bible" by Paul Magriel (several editions available).
Paradoxes and Probabilities by Barclay Cooke
Alpha Bachgammon by Baron Vernon Ball
Backgammon of Today by John Longacre
Modern Backgammon Complete by Charles H. Goren
New York Times Book of Backgammon by James and Mary Jacoby
Beginning Backgammon by Tim Holland
Win At Backgammon by Millard Hooper
Out Of Stock Costa Rica 1994 by Ortega/Kleinmann/Madrigal
Backgammon for Blood (Hardcover) by Bruce Becker
Out Of Stock Backgammon for Blood (Paperback) by Bruce Becker
Master Games by Chuck Papazian
Backgammon For Profit by Joe Dwek (hardback)
Out Of Stock Reno 86 by Bill Robertie (Extremely rare)
Out Of Stock World Class Backgammon - Move by Move by Roy Friedmann
The following collectors books are also available.
Please Contact Us (opens in a new window), regarding price and condition.

An Introduction to Backgammon, A Step-by-Step Guide by Paul Magriel
Backgammon for People Who Hate to Lose by Tim Holland
Backgammon How To Play And Win by Donald Carter
Backgammon The Action Game by Prince Alexis Obolensky
Backgammon The Cruellest Game by Barclay Cooke & Jon Bradshaw
Backgammon The Quick Course To Winning Play by Don Stern
Barr on Backgammon by Ted Barr
Better Backgammon by Tim Holland
Championship Backgammon by Barclay Cooke & Rene Orlean
Complete Backgammon by Walter L. Richard
Discovering Backgammon by R. C. Bell
How Good Are You At Backgammon by Nicolas & Vassilios Tzannes
How To Play Backgammon by Arman Ratip
How To Win at Backgammon by Walter Gibson
Lee Genud's Backgammon Book by Lee Genud
Playboy's Book of Backgammon by Lewis Deyong
Phillip Martyn on Backgammon by Phillip Martyn
The Backgammon Quiz Book by Prince Joli Kansil
The Clermont Book of Backgammon by David Dorel
The New Backgammon Book by Elizabeth Clark Boyden
Vanity Fairs - Backgammon to Win by Georges Marbadi
Winning Backgammon by Michael S. Lawrence
Winning Backgammon: Problems and Answers by Grosvenor Nicholas & C. Wheaton Vaughan



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