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Precision dice (the ultimate gaming dice) - free shipping (with 4 or more)

...precision dice (with ball-corners) are the tools of the game of backgammon, they are required equipment at most backgammon tournaments, and are a must if you play for money. Cellulose acetate is the material used for precision dice. This material is completely homogenous and free from minuscule air bubbles.
The spots on the dice are made by boring precision holes into each face, and then filling the hole with a "plug" of "cellulose acetate" of a different colour. The cost of this material is a contributing factor to the high production costs of precision dice.
Additionally, precision dice are cut with a precision laser, which once again contributes to the high production costs.
We supply precision dice with rounded corners of the highest quality, they are balanced to 1/1000 of an inch, and made by a leading US manufacturer that supplies precision dice and quality gaming equipment to licensed casinos throughout the world.
All dice are guaranteed against faults for 1 year.
Precision dice are suitable for many games including RPG games where unbiased rolls are required. Precision dice with rounded (or cut) corners are recommended where a limited rolling area is available, the cut corners allow the dice to tumble, in particular the smallest size of 1/2 inch (13 mm) are becoming increasingly used by many RPG gamers. Other sizes that are available are 9/16 and 5/8 inch (14.2 and 16 mm).

D6 dice

...standard (regular) d6 dice in a wide range of opaque colours are also available, at exceedingly low prices. These dice are suitable for all games. Buy 20 pairs and we ship for free.

Backgammon Shop have been the official supplier of balanced backgammon precision dice used for the World Series of Backgammon 2007/2008 and 2008/2009, Both series have been aired on EuroSport.

Backgammon doubling cubes

...if you play chouette then here is the place where you have a wide choice of doubling cubes.

The backgammon dice, backgammon sets, backgammon boards, backgammon books, backgammon software and any products relating to the backgammon game are guaranteed against faults in production. Any product with a production fault, will be replaced free of charge.

Personalized doubling cubes

  • We don't sell them, nor know of anywhere else that does. BUT we can suggest, is what we know others have done...
  • Buy the 30mm or 36mm engraved doubling cubes we sell.
  • Take them along to shops that cut keys/repair shoes or watches etc., most have equipment that can engrave (although they don't have a large selection of colours).
  • The prices these establishments charge can vary considerably - so check their prices first.
  • On most of our doubling cubes, there is usually enough place on the "2" face to engrave either above, below or around for the text you require - but please look at the pictures before ordering as some numbers are larger than others.


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