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Large Hevea-Wood Modern Design Backgammon Set
Superior quality and design

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $132.00
(price UK: 96.00, EU/Europe: 117.60, Denmark: kr 864.00)

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Large Hevea Wood Modern Design Backgammon Set

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Star pattern modern Hevea wood design Backgammon Set


  • Exterior: Hevea-wood (see description below), walnut stained, beautiful "star" pattern. 
  • Interior: Hevea-wood. Inlaid points.
  • Accessories: 2 sets of matching wood checkers (34x 8.5mm), 2 walnut stained dice cups, four standard dice and a doubling cube.
  • Additional Features
    Hidden magnetic locks.
    Size when open: 60x 49cm (23.5x 19 inches)
  • The backgammon sets weigh 3.3kg.

The stained finish can also be described as Zebra wood, which is a general term (definition Wikipedia) "The name zebrawood is used for wood with a figure that resembles the striping of a zebra, with dark stripes on a light background".
Hevea wood is a hardwood, it has several names, including "Rubberwood", "Parawood", "Asian Beech" or "Malaysian Oak,".
It has many uses: furniture, flooring, chopping boards and games to name but a few.
It's colour can vary from pale cream to light brown. It is moderately coarse, straight and even texture.
Rubber trees that have ended their productive life of producing latex 25 - 30 years are processed into an ecologically sustainable hardwood called Hevea wood.
Hevea is a stable wood, reducing the likelihood of warping, and can be successfully colour stained or oiled to enhance its appearance and prolong its life.