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The Backgammon Handbook


The Backgammon Handbook from Backgammon Shop - www.bgshop.com

Beginner - Intermediate
pub. 1989, pages 231.
by Enno Heyken and Martin B. Fischer.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $30.40
(price UK: 22.33, EU: 26.79, Denmark: kr 189.76)

About the book:
Backgammon is one of the most popular and enduring of all board games and is currently undergoing something of a revival of interest. Suitable for all ages and levels of ability, backgammon can be seen as an amusing leisure activity, a fierce competitive struggle or an absorbing and satisfying intellectual pursuit.
This comprehensive handbook, the most detailed study available, covers every aspect of this fascinating game and will be ideal for beginners, enthusiasts and serious addicts. The rules are fully explained, game strategies examined and for more advanced players the authors include a selection of match situations to test and challenge the brain. Over 350 board diagrams illustrate the text, so allowing the book to be easily understood without reference to a board, and making this the ideal companion for all backgammon players.