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Teach Yourself Backgammon

Teach Yourself Backgammon by Michael Crane. Backgammon Book.

published 2006, pages 166.
by Michael Crane.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $13.90
(price UK: 10.21, EU/Europe: 12.25, Denmark: kr 86.79)

Backgammon is compulsive, easy to learn and quick to play. It is a game which offers hours of entertainment with an exciting blend of chance and skill.

  • Are you new to backgammon and want a basic understanding?

  • Are you a novice player who wants to improve?

  • Do you want exercises to help you learn to win?

About the book:
Teach Yourself Backgammon, is a full and informative introduction to the worlds oldest and enduring board game. It starts by explaining the object the of the game, then works backward to explain how to achieve the object. It offers a systematic guide to moves and strategy, with key tips on what moves to make and when.
Interactive exercises allow you to perfect your technique, in addition to plenty of background information on the rules, the probabilities and the history of the game.
Authored by the founder and director of the British Isles Backgammon Association (BIBA), it contains a full glossary and a section on how to play online, and how to develop your skills. It will become an essential companion for all would-be players of this fascinating game.

Whether you play it as a simple game of luck or a battle of skill and deception, backgammon combines the intellectual stimulation of chess, bridge and Go with the excitement of knowing that your fate depends on the roll of the dice.