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How To Play Tournament Backgammon

Backgammon Book - How To Play Tournament Backgammon by Kit Woolsey.

Intermediate - expert
pub. 1993, pages 50.
by Kit Woolsey.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $36.00
(price UK: £26.00, EU/Europe: €32.50, Denmark: kr 240.00)

A must if you play tournaments, describes many
of the essentials required for tournament players.
Playing tournament backgammon requires very different skills from money play. Up to now there’s been no single source for learning the special features of backgammon tournament play that make it so different from normal head’s-up or chouette. Now that’s changed. In How to Play Tournament Backgammon, world-class player and tournament theoretician Kit Woolsey covers everything you need to know to be a successful tournament player. Here’s a partial list of topics: Checker Strategy in the Crawford Game - Post Crawford Play - The New Match Equity Table and How to Learn It - Janowski’s Formula - The Doubling Window - Using Gain-Loss Tables - Cube Leverage in Gammonish Positions - and a lot more.