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New Ideas in Backgammon - 2nd. edition 2000.

New Ideas in Backgammon by Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich. Backgammon Book.

Advanced - expert
First published 1996, pages 336. 2nd. edition 2000.
by Hal Heinrich and Kit Woolsey.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $67.37
(price UK: 49.00, EU/Europe: 60.02, Denmark: kr 440.96)

Covering previously untouched ground.

About the book:
”New Ideas In Backgammon” is the first collection of backgammon problems that has been extensively verified using computer analysis. Assisted by the neural network technology of’ the world’s top backgammon program, Jellyfish, Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich have assembled a collection that tests the ability of even the best human players. Each of the 104 problems is taken from an actual tournament match in which a world-class player made a serious error. Woolsey and Heinrich explain the positions in lucid terms, pointing out the expert’s error, and showing what play should have been made. ”New Ideas In Backgammon” is a groundbreaking work that is certain to improve the play of every reader, from beginner to grandmaster.
Kit Woolsey has long been recognized as one of the world’s top backgammon players, commentators and authors. Among his many backgammon victories was first prize in the Reno Master’s Tournament in 1988. He is the author of four other books, including the best-selling ”How to Play Tournament Backgammon.” He’s also a world-class bridge player and the winner of several national and world championships.
Hal Heinrich is Canada’s top backgammon player and has been considered one of the world’s best for nearly a decade. He won the Monte Carlo World Championship in 1990. His other major tournament results include a second-place finish in World Cup III (1992) and first place in the Las Vegas Open of 1994. He has worked as a computer consultant in Calgary for the last 15 years and actively maintains the world’s largest database of recorded matches.