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Backgammon Cube Action 1000 - volume 1, 2 and 3
The complete three volume set


Volume 1 Opening and Middle Game Volume 2 Late Middle Game Volume 3 Endgame

Backgammon Cube Action 1000 volume1 by Ryuichi Shina.  A book from Backgammon and Board Games Shop - www.bgshop.com

Level: Beginner - Expert
Volume 1: Opening and Middle Game - pages 336
Volume 2: Late Middle Game - pages 335
Volume 3: Endgame - pages 337
Published 2013.
by Ryuichi Shina

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Rest of World
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About the books (3 volumes):
Accurate cube action is the foundation of backgammon success. This three-volume set presents 1000 doubling positions to help players of all levels master the complexity of the cube. All conclusions have been confirmed by the latest backgammon software. 
Each volume contains 333 (or 334) problems carefully organized by type and arranged in a logical progression which illustrates the effect of subtle shifts in the position. The reader will also see how the score of a match can dramatically change proper doubling strategy. 
The three-volume set provides an excellent library of doubling cube reference positions for both unlimited (money) and match play. The books cover cube action for every phase of the game, and are appropriate for players of all levels, from novice to expert. No other publication to date is so comprehensive and complete. This series is a must for any serious backgammon player. 
The books are collections of cube actions for different phases of the game. 
There is no explanation involved, the problems are classified by the category so that you can learn effectively.

What's been said by others:
Mochi (Masayuki Mochizuki - No.2 of 2011 GIANTS of BACKGAMMON): The book is basically a collection of mistakes made by world class players. The author watched hundreds of thousands of games in Grid Gammon and carefully choose instructive mistakes and classified them by type of positions. Each problems was analysed using XG2 rollout. (No explanation is written though - XG2 analysis is shown after each problem - see picture below).
I enjoy reading them (and still reading) for my own learning. I recommend this set of books to any serious players.

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