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The Backgammon Encyclopedia
Volume 2 Cube More Reference Positions


The Backgammon Encyclopedia - Volume 2 More Cube Reference Positions

Advanced - expert
pub. 2017, pages 108.
by Kit Woolsey.

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About the book:
It is generally agreed that cube decisions are the most important decisions in backgammon. An individual play may improve your chances of winning the game, but a cube decision affects the stake for which the game is played.
A player who is savvy with the cube will have an advantage over an opponent who moves the checkers slightly better but makes inferior cube decisions. Thus, it is vital to understand cube decisions in order to be a winning backgammon player.
This book looks at middle-game positions that are less clear. Many of these might fall into more than one category, or no category at all. Woolsey starts by looking at a prototype position and then makes modifications to see what effect the modifications have on the equity and cube decisions.
Woolsey has with the use of Extreme Gammon rollouts giving meaningful results.

In Volume 2, Kit extends his earlier work with an examination of doubling cube action in 10 new position types:

> Early Advantage
> The Semi-Blitz
> One Man Back
> On the Bar
> Containment
> Hitting a Blot
> Escape
> Priming
> Crunching
> Racing

In each section, Kit shows which features of each position are really crucial, and shows how small changes in different features can dramatically affect the evaluation. Itís a masterful work and a must for any player who seriously wishes to improve.