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Costa Rica 1994

Collectors book: Costa Rica 1994 from Backgammon Shop

Collectors book
Advanced - expert
pub. 1996, pages 161.
by Antonio Ortega,Danny Kleinmann og Madrigal.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $76.80
(price UK: £56.40, EU/Europe: €67.68, Denmark: kr 479.40)

Annotated match of finals between
Mike Senekiewicz - Mike Svobodny.

About the book:
Backgammon: Costa Rica 1994, like the previous Backgammon: Costa Rica 1999, presents a detailed annotation of the final match of the Cariari Masters from the Tournament of the Américas.
Of the earlier volume, world-class backgammon players Joe Sylvester and Kit Woolsey commented in their reviews:
Backgammon: Costa Rica 1993 is an invaluable piece of backgammon literature, offering both the average and advanced player a most unique and complete text with which to improve their game. An absolute must for any serious backgammon player!….Joe Sylvester.
Costa Rica 1993 contains the most accurate and thorough match analysis I have ever seen in print. No serious student of the game should fail to get a copy of this book….Kit Woolsey.
In this new book Antonio Ortega and Mario Madrigal, two of the authors of the acclaimed earlier volume, annotate the featured match in cooperation with world-renowned analyst Danny Kleinman. Contestants Mike Senkiewicz and Mike Svobodny are both well-known top experts and previous Cariari winners. Senkiewicz was voted the world’s best player in the 1995 “32 Giants of Backgammon” poll. Svobodny won the 1984 World Championship in Monte Carlo and the 1992 World Cup in Dallas.