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Snowie 4.0
latest snowie 4.5 cd inclusive automatic online upgrade to snowie 4.7 and FREE priority shipping.

Computer program for PC's.
Minimum requirements: Processor 200MHz, RAM 16MB, Windows 95 or better including Windows 8, 800x600 w/ 256 colours, CD-ROM Drive.
Recommended setup: Processor 500MHz, RAM 32 MB, Windows 95 or better, 1024x768 w/ 65536 colours (High Colours), 8x CD-ROM Drive.

All prices include free priority shipping.

(excluding UK/EU/Europe)
OUT-OF-STOCK Professional 4.7 $380.00 318.93 382.71 kr 2,710.89
OUT-OF-STOCK Student 4.7 $100.00 83.93  100.71 kr 713.39
Pro 1.x, 2.x or 3.x to Pro 4.7 $190.00 159.46 191.36 kr 1,355.45
Student 1.x, 2.x, 3.x or 4.x to Pro 4.7 $300.00 251.79  302.14 kr 2,140.18
Student 1.x, 2.x or 3.x to Student 4.7 $50.00 41.96  50.36 kr 356.70

Snowie 4 is a high-quality backgammon program. It is based on proprietary neural network technology that has been trained to play as good as or better than the best human players. Snowie 1, Snowie 2 and Snowie 3 used a special learning technique similar to the TD learning algorithm published by G. Tesauro. Snowie 4 however, is based on a new kind of learning algorithm that allowed it to play much stronger than the previous version. Snowie 4 is considered to be capable of consistently beating any backgammon player on earth. When ordering an upgrade the serial number of the Snowie version you are upgrading from must be supplied.

Features of the Student and Professional editions:
Play against a world class opponent.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface with contextual HTML help.
Great graphics with the availability of a 3D Board.
Play table stakes backgammon.
Rate yourself with the integrated ELO ranking point system.
Amazing bearoff database (up to pt 11) included on the CD.
Learn from the advice of Snowie on checker plays and cube decisions.
Learn how to play a specific position.
Learn everything about the current score of the match.
Annotate your matches.
Export your matches to HTML, ascii or to the printer.

Professional edition extra features:
Make rollouts of your checker plays and cube decisions
Cubeless rollouts (full or truncated) played on 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply.
Variance reduction of the result.
Cubeful rollouts (for money game AND for match play).
Import your matches, supports the following file types: *.txt, *.tmg, *.ng, *,mat, *.sgg, *.gam, and FIBS 
Let your whole matches be analyzed by Snowie and get an error rate of your matches.
Explore your analyzed matches and investigate the errors.

What's New?

1) Strongly improved playing engine

Based on a new learning technology Snowie 4 is way stronger than Snowie 3. Snowie 4 beats Snowie 3 by 0.02 points/game in money games at its highest playing level (3-Ply). In addition Snowie 4 plays backgames and priming battles much better and so it can not be tricked into situations that it doesn't understand. Read an article by Johannes Levermann explaining the new strengths of Snowie 4 - click here .

2) Table stakes

Snowie 4 is capable of analyzing table stake situation. With TrueMoneygames coming up as a real money server and featuring table stakes, it will be possible to analyze these sessions with the new Snowie.

3) Simplified user interface

The user interface has been simplified. Advanced options are still available but are more hidden in the application. That means that Snowie has become an easy-to-use application for everybody but stays with all the advanced options for the professional players.

4) Improved graphics

All the graphics of the application have been redesigned. 3d boards and a new look of the application makes it look more modern.

5) Simplified registration procedure

The registration procedure will be a simple click for people having Internet access. There will be an automatic connection to the registration server and the copy will register itself.


What experts say . . .

"Snowie is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about improving their backgammon game. Through analysis and rollouts, Snowie has helped me to sharpen my game considerably."
Nack Ballard, Giant #1 of the world.

"Snowie is as strong or stronger as any other backgammon program, as well as being better than all but the top experts. The automated rollout feature which allows the user to automatically have the program roll out and annotate an entire match is the most valuable learning tool in existence today."
Kit Woolsey, author of several books and World Cup 1996 vice champion.

"Snowie Pro is truly an amazing software achievement. Not only does it play backgammon superbly; its user interface is incredibly "user-friendly." Entering positions is a joy. It is a learning tool that no player at any level can afford to be without."
Malcolm Davis, World Cup 1996 champion.

"Snowie Pro will revolutionise backgammon studying with its combination of the superior Snowie neural net and a superb user interface which can actually analyse an entire match for you! All of BG’s best will use Snowie Pro for its 3 ply rollouts with a live cube and other features like the ability to import a match from GamesGrid."
Neil Kazaross, on of the top ten players of the world.

"Snowie opens a new dimension in Backgammon. It’s the most effective tool to improve your game with many interesting features to analyse theoretical and practical issues. Its accurate cube handling especially in match play is its most impressive strength."
Johannes Levermann, world class player - Giants #3 of the world.

“With its outstanding graphics and ease of use it is not only a must for the serious tournament player but also great fun for those who just enjoy challenging the best backgammon player in the world.”
Dirk Schiemann, Giants #4 of the world.