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Set of 15
Luxury Checkers "mirror-finish" luxury acrylic checkers.
Each checker is individually wrapped.
Suitable for Backgammon, Draughts, International Draughts, Checkers, Polish draughts.

Price (excluding UK/EU/Europe): $33.66
(price UK: 20.40, EU/Europe: 29.58, Denmark: kr 212.16)

45x 9.6mm (1.77x 0.4 inches)

Also available as single checkers - CLICK HERE

To determine the size of checker that fits your set, measure the inside of the backgammon board, so as to determine what the maximum size of checker fits your set. Do not measure the checkers, as the original checkers may be smaller than the actual size for a perfect fit without gaps.
Measure along the inside edge - the edge where the base of the 6 triangles, measure from corner to corner, (i.e. from the edge of the middle bar to edge of playing surface). It is best to measure in millimetres, as this is more accurate, and divide this number by 6 to get the actual maximum size.
Thus if this measurement is 270mm, then each checker can have a maximum diameter of 45mm (or 4.5cm).

For this size of checker your board should have the following measuremants.
Minimum measurement of inside edge: 271mm (10 7/10 inch)
Minimum size of checker compartment (it your board has such):
45x 140mm (1 3/4x 5 7/10 inch)

View a picture showing how to measure correctly click here (opens in a new window).

v151462 - Black mirror finish backgammon counters, acrylic.

v151461 - White mirror finish backgammon counters, acrylic.